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Welcome to Gladwin Eagles 3292

Who needs warm weather when you can cozy in at the Eagles?

Just kidding.

We absolutely need some warm weather! In the meantime, however, keep up with what’s going on at the Gladwin Eagles  #3292 by joining our email list. The paper newsletter is besieged by costs and effort (folding and taping hundreds of newsletters can be tiresome), so we’re introducing our email newsletter. Sign up is free, and email addresses are kept private. Don’t fall behind on events – sign up now!

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                                                                            Upcoming Events

 Pancakes and sausage and gravy, oh my!Men’s Breakfast (Second Sunday of Every Month): Not just for men! Enjoy an All-U-Can-Eat breakfast buffet featuring hashbrowns, sausage, gravy, biscuits, scrambled eggs, pancakes, juice and coffee. All for just $6 per person. Public is welcome, so bring a friend (or three)!



Steak!Steak Fry (Second Tuesday of Every Month): New York Strip, steak fries or baked potato, cole slaw, bread and dessert for just $8 and $9. Add mushrooms/onions for $1 extra. Public welcome! 



 Taco Tuesday (Third Tuesday of the Month) Tacos, with all the fixings, $1.50, Taco Salads Pubic Welcome.


 Food Auction (Fourth Friday of the Month) Starting at 6:00pm.  Public Welcome